Cena vs. Nakamura Finish Changed?

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the finish to the match with Shinsuke Nakamura and John Cena from Smackdown was originally supposed to involve interference from Baron Corbin. The match to determine the contender for Jinder Mahal’s WWE Title at Summerslam saw Nakamura win the match clean over Cena and included a very scary high neck bump to Cena. However, The Observer reports the original ending was to have Money In The Bank holder Baron Corbin interfere in the match. Corbin would go to attack Nakamura but something would happen, leading him to attack Cena instead, enabling Nakamura to win the match. This would lead to Corbin taking on John Cena at the big event while Nakamura would go onto the WWE Title match. 
However that ending was not used and the match ended with Nakamura getting the clean win. Corbin did come to the ring after the match and was given an AA through the table in a segment that ran into 205 Live’s broadcast.
On the WWE website’s description of the match, it even mentions Corbin’s interference in the match, that never actually happened. This is making people wonder if the result was written up well ahead of time and this change was done at the last minute. In any case, we will have to see if Cena and Corbin’s match has been nixed or not.