College wrestlers accused of penetrating victim with ‘object’

A top wrestler at the University of Minnesota and his teammate have been arrested on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct, police said. Gable Steveson, a 19-year-old heavyweight phenom with a 35-2 record as a freshman, and Dylan Martinez, a 21-year-old sophomore from California, were arrested Saturday after a victim told police they were penetrated withRead moreRead more

Is this viral cooking hack the best way to peel garlic?

Every so often a hack comes along that’s so efficient, so effective, so beautifully simplistic that it changes the very paradigm of the medium in which it’s hacking. Click Here: online rugby store malaysia Enter: the garlic shiv. In a video posted to Twitter over the weekend, Toronto-based game designer Valentina Lord shared her favoriteRead moreRead more

‘Hunger Games’ author relaunches franchise with ‘Dark Days’ prequel

Suzanne Collins is still hungry. A decade after closing the book on her “Hunger Games” saga, the author is reviving her best-selling young adult franchise with a prequel set 64 years before the original action started. “With this book, I wanted to explore the state of nature, who we are, and what we perceive isRead moreRead more

Cuomo expected to sign bill approving driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

New York state lawmakers on Monday passed a controversial bill granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants — and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign it. Democrats in the state Senate managed to pass the bill on a 33-29 vote, despite losing all six of their Long Island members over fears the bill could proveRead moreRead more

Nike releases ‘Pro Hijab’ to meet demand for modest fashions

Fashionistas are saying hasta la vista to the idea of “less is more” — a la naked dresses, micro mini skirts and underboob bikinis — in favor of a “more is more” fashionable mindset. The data analytics firm Edited reveals that the demand for modest fashion “is expanding outside of the UAE and seeing growthRead moreRead more

Will Equinox Hotel give you the best sleep ever for $700 a night?

How much would you pay for a good night’s sleep? Opening July 15, the new Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards, which promises to “own sleep like no hotel before,” is betting you’ll fork over some $700 a night. “The rooms are designed as a sleep chamber,” says CEO Chris Norton. Among the sleep-promoting amenities youRead moreRead more

Senior trip to Dominican Republic descends into disaster after group falls ill

A group of Oklahoma teens’ senior trip to the Dominican Republic was ruined when they fell sick with a mysterious illness. The recent Deer Creek High School graduates flew on June 8 to the embattled Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, where at least two Americans have died and others have fallen ill,Read moreRead more

Woman says lawyer was so bad with case she exposed their stairwell hookup

A woman says she and her divorce lawyer had a tryst in a courthouse stairwell — but what was really over the line was the way he handled her case, new Manhattan court papers show. Had the lothario lawyer done better legal work, she actually wouldn’t have blown the whistle on the shenanigans, according toRead moreRead more

Fast days on the Concorde: Rock stars, wine & the ’11-mile-high club’

It should come as no surprise that the Concorde had to have a special place to store the mink and sable coats passengers wore on the plane. But those fliers probably had no idea that the staff of the famed jet was secretly trying on the furs. “If a really beautiful coat came through, weRead moreRead more

NYPD ordered to release all videos from fatal 2017 shooting

A judge has ordered the NYPD to release videos from a 2017 fatal shooting, saying that keeping police footage from the public flies in the face of the key goal of the body-worn camera program: transparency. The police department must release all of its footage — a total of 48 minutes from eight body camerasRead moreRead more