Biden's "Out of Touch" Position on Anti-Choice Hyde Amendment Draws Fire From Progressives

Former vice president Joe Biden’s campaign for president confirmed Wednesday that the Delaware Democrat still supports the controversial, anti-choice Hyde Amendment, a revelation that generated intense criticism from rights groups. 

Biden’s support of the policy, 43 years after it was first signed into law, is a sign that the former vice president is out of step with his party. 

“This puts him at odds with his own party’s platform at this point,” New York Magazine writer Rebecca Traister tweeted, adding that Biden’s position puts him “also at odds with a morally coherent position.”  

The Hyde Amendment, which was passed in 1976, restricts the use of federal funding for abortions. It’s been cited as a major setback for abortion rights and one of the main reasons that marginalized people find it difficult to access reproductive health services.

Biden’s campaign, in an article on how the current primary frontrunner has changed his views on abortion, told NBC reporter Heidi Przybyla that barring an overturning of choice nationwide, the former vice president still supports Hyde.

The news came as a surprise to rights groups, not least the ACLU, which had celebrated Biden apparently promising to repeal the Hyde Amendment in April during a campaign event.