Barbed Wire Massacre Match, TNA Drug Testing Results, Booker T Update

– As we reported earlier, TNA will air the Barbed Wire Massacre match between Abyss and Judas Mesias for Sunday’s Against All Odds pay-per-view from tape. The company will pass it off from people watching on pay-per-view like it is taking place live in Orlando, Florida. There is definitely concern on how the live crowd will react as the tape roles inside of the arena. In attempt to make it look believable, Earl Hebner who refereed the match will not be in Greenville for the PPV nor will Jim Cornette who is also part of the match. They used an alternate ring announcer so that David Penzer would be able to work the pay-per-view. Mike Tenay and Don West will call the match live from the arena.

– TNA completed their first round of drug testing at the iMPACT tapings several weeks ago. It is interesting to note that no penalties will be imposed on talent that tests positive as the first round of testing was to warn anyone that they need to get off of any banned substance.

– Booker T has been given a lighter workload in TNA in recent weeks to give his body more time to heal from minor injuries. Booker isn’t suffering from any major injury but the feeling is there is no reason to make him work when he does not feel 100%.

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