Backstage Update On John Cena Taking Time Off From WWE Soon

Following this month’s Hell in the Cell pay-per-view, as previously reported, WWE United States Champion John Cena will be taking a break from the ring due to “personal reasons” after asking for time off earlier this past summer. The annual post-Christmas WWE live event is scheduled for Cena’s return.

Though there has been much speculation as to Cena’s “personal reasons”, it has been reported that he is not taking time off for an injury nor is it likely Nikki Bella will be hearing wedding bells.

Backstage has been buzzing with rumors and has been a topic of discussion within WWE lately. Some of the other Superstars have reached out to Cena, making sure he is ok, Cena insists everything is fine. According to Cena, when everyone finds out why he chose to take a leave of absence, they will see it as a good thing.

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