Backstage News On WWE Clearing Daniel Bryan to Return to the Ring, Can Bryan Return Full-Time?

As we noted moments ago, WWE issued breaking news announcing Daniel Bryan has been medically cleared to return to in-ring competition.

Following the announcement, Dave Meltzer elaborated on WWE’s decision to clear Bryan this afternoon’s edition of Wrestling Observer Live.

Meltzer noted that about a month ago, Bryan went to WWE Doctor Joseph Maroon and ultimately asked Maroon what he would need to do in order to receive medical clearance from WWE to return to the ring. Maroon reportedly gave Bryan a list of doctors he needed to visit and would need to receive medical clearance from all of them in order to be cleared by Maroon himself to return. One of the doctors on the list included a top doctor from The University of Michigan, and Bryan reportedly visited him about a month ago and received clearance.

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Meltzer added word backstage at the WWE Raw tapings last night is that Bryan had been cleared to return, so the WWE decision could have come sometime yesterday.

With regards to Bryan being cleared, Meltzer noted Bryan has been cleared to return to the ring full-time, and can wrestle as much as he or WWE desires.

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Wrestling Observer Live