Alibaba founder Jack Ma says staff should have sex six times in six days 

One of China’s wealthiest men, Jack Ma, founder of tech giant Alibaba, is urging his employees to have more sex in pursuit of a better work-life balance. Mr Ma gave a lighthearted speech at an event at which dozens of Alibaba couples were married in a group ceremony, stressing that a balanced home life wasRead moreRead more

Austria’s Kurz to form caretaker cabinet as he tries to survive confidence vote

Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz was trying to put together a caretaker cabinet on Tuesday ahead of a confidence vote next week that could bring down his government. Mr Kurz is determined to stay in office until new elections can be held in September following the collapse of his coalition with the far-Right Freedom Party (FPÖ)Read moreRead more

Everest deaths blamed on budget firms and influx of inexperienced climbers

An American mountaineer has become the 11th person in two weeks to die on Mount Everest as Sherpas and tour operators alike blame an influx of inexperienced climbers and budget tour operators for the spike in fatalities. Christopher John Kulish, 61, from Colorado, did not show any sign of distress when summiting the world’s highest mountainRead moreRead more

Denmark’s populists set to suffer in general election as centre-Left adopts harsh immigration policies

The populist Danish People’s Party is expected to see its share of the vote as much as halved when the country goes to the polls tomorrow after a dramatic swing to the right on immigration by the centre-Left Social Democrats.  The anti-immigration party, which has transformed politics in Denmark over the past two decades, wasRead moreRead more

New Jersey introduces panic buttons for hotel workers to prevent sexual assault

New Jersey has become the first US state to require hotels to provide their staff with wearable panic buttons in an effort to tackle sexual assault. Phil Murphy, the state’s Democratic governor, signed a bill on Tuesday requiring most hotels to provide their workers with the devices to summon help quickly in an emergency.  "IRead moreRead more

Xi Jinping says he will support Kim Jong-un ‘no matter what’ in rare front page op-ed ahead of visit

Xi Jinping will burnish China’s fragile alliance with North Korea by making his first trip to Pyongyang as president this week – and on Wednesday he sealed their friendship in ink, offering a "grand plan" for regional stability. Xi, who will be the first Chinese president to visit Pyongyang in 14 years, penned a rare front-page opinion pieceRead moreRead more

9/11 Memorials And Events In New York City

NEW YORK — A recovered but still hurting New York City will pause in heartbreaking silence Wednesday as the world remembers the September 11 terror attacks 18 years earlier. Across the city, people will gather at memorials and other events to honor the 2,983 people who were killed in attacks at the WTC site, theRead moreRead more

McIntyre Reveals His Progress With DDPY, Seth, McAfee/Natty Lite

DDPY released the video below of Drew McIntyre displaying his progress while using The DDPY Program. The beginning of the video shows Drew talking about starting the program in March Of 2018, a month before he made his WWE main roster debut. Six months later, Drew talked about working a full time schedule again beingRead moreRead more

Lynch Introduces Rousey & Charlotte, Rousey Pokes Fun At Lynch

Earlier this week, things picked up another level on social media between RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey & Becky Lynch. The usual banter went beyond a PG rating with Rousey telling “Rebecca Quin” (Lynch’s real name), “I don’t care what the script says, I’m beating the living s— out of you the next time IRead moreRead more

Shield Advertised For Another Match, Samoa Joe Title Photoshoot

A match pitting The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) against the trio of Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin is being advertised for The April 22nd episode of Monday Night RAW from The Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, likely as the dark main event. This exact same match isRead moreRead more