Atlanta Man Accused Of Planning Attack On The White House

ATLANTA — The FBI has arrested a metro Atlanta man in connection with a planned attack on several buildings in Washington, DC, including the White House. According to a news release from the FBI Atlanta’s office, Hasher Taheb, 21, of Cumming, Georgia, has been charged with “attempt to damage by means of an explosive any building owned, possessed, or leased by the United States.”

U.S. Attorney B.J. Pak said Taheb was arrested “after a thorough investigation into his plans to attack federal buildings.

“His alleged intent was to attack the White House and other targets of opportunity in the Washington DC area,” Pak said. “The Joint Terrorism Task Force initiated the case after receiving a tip from the community.”

The Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) is composed of the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service and other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Taheb has been the target of a JTTF investigation for a year, Pak said.

“All potential threats have been neutralized and under control from the inception of this case,” Pak said Wednesday. “There were no threats posed to any targets located in Northern District of Georgia, nor was the upcoming Super Bowl a target of his alleged activity.”

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Photo: Mark Walsh/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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