At $13 Million, Rolls Royce Made The Most Expensive Car In The World For One Very Rich Customer

When it comes to exclusivity, there’s nothing more exclusive than a Rolls Royce. You hardly see them on the roads and only 4,000 cars were produced for the world market last year. They’re also some of the most expensive cars in the world.

But Rolls Royce has outdone itself, and the rest of the car makers with this.

Rolls Royce

Named the Sweptail, the car is the only one of its kind in the world and costs a rumoured $13 million! The company says that a customer, who is a collector of expensive one-off items like super-yachts and private jets, came to them asking for a one-off car.

Rolls Royce

So they gave him one.

The car features custom coach-work like the Maharajas used to order back in early last century. The car, probably based on the Wraith, is a two-seater with a full panoramic sunroof. The roof tapers down sharply in a shape similar to that of racing yachts that the customer desired.

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  • Rolls Royce

    The interiors have been handcrafted and we’re guessing many acres of rainforest would have had to be chopped down and many a bovine killed for the wood and leather. The thing we like best, however, is the hidden attaché cases that hold laptops behind the doors on either side.

    Rolls Royce

    We still say it’s too expensive.

    Rolls Royce


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