As Love Goes Virtual, Here Are 11 Features We Wish Dating Apps Had

If you’ve been in the dating game long enough, you know for a fact that it isn’t easy. With multiple apps installed on your phone, you swipe right and left, trying to find ‘the one’ and ultimately, lose hope when you end up with a creep. As love goes increasingly virtual, here are 11 updates we wish are introduced to our apps.

1. An Undo Option

There are moments when right goes wrong (and left), and there’s just no way to fix it. Is there? An undo option will come quite in handy during these situations.


2. Creep Alert

We all know there are creeps on every dating app and this alert would help us from getting involved in unwanted relationships that might end badly.


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  • 3. Who’s Matched With Your Match

    Wouldn’t it be fun if we knew who else our matches your perfect match? Everyone should know who they are competing against, after all. Not that you can do anything about it, but still…


    4. A Censored Photo Alert

    They are people who like to send ‘unwanted’ pictures of themselves, without any prior notice. We end up looking at those pictures, and before we know it, we are throwing up. A censored photo alert will protect our phone galleries from getting scarred for life.


    5. Date Suggestions

    The dating websites should show top five date suggestions according to the information, likes and dislikes, provided in our profile. Make our lives a little easier, dammit.   


    6. Grammar Filter

    There should be an option to create a grammar filter test before anyone can send you a request. If they clear it, they are in and if they don’t, well, too bad. The only drawback here is that no one will probably get through to the ‘sending request’ phase.


    7. Post-Date Experience

    The dating game isn’t easy and we all need a little bit of feedback. The post-date experience can be one single message wherein you explain what went right and what went wrong.


    8. Encouragement Pop-Ups

    Now, there are days when nobody is swiping right on your profile. The app should automatically pick on that and push out encouragements pop-ups that’ll make you feel better about yourself.


    9. Block The ‘DTF’ Person

    An automatic option that you can switch on and off, which lets you block a person who says DTF (Down To F***) as their first message.


    10. GIFs

    That one option where you can send GIFs and have a conversation based only on GIFs. Dating app conversations are boring at times and so, GIFs would add all the fun we need, wouldn’t they?


    11. A Lie Detector

    We know this is too much to ask and almost unrealistic. But how fun would it be if the app has an automated lie detector installed and every time your match lies, you’d both be buzzed.


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