Another New TNA Championship Belt, TNA Cutting Costs, Hogan & Bischoff News

– There’s a concerted effort behind the scenes in TNA as of late to cut costs and save money. Apparently the true decision makers in TNA are coming to terms with the fact that TNA’s big money contracts are not doing anything for the company’s bottom line and big changes are expected early next year when many of those contracts come up. Dixie Carter’s mother Janice is one person in particular who is putting her foot down and demanding more prudent spending.

– Jeff Hardy’s new Immortal Championship belt, which will serve as the new TNA World Heavyweight title, was created by Top Rope Belts based out of Lexington, North Carolina. The title belt features purple leather, oddly-shaped metal plates and is actually based on one of Jeff Hardy’s original paintings.

Top Rope Belts also made an original “DILLIGAF” championship belt for Shannon Moore, but the DILLIGAF title is not expected to be used on television. According to sources, Moore wanted to make the DILLIGAF belt part of his on-air character, but TNA decided against that.

— Eric Bischoff wrote on Twitter that he spent with with Hulk Hogan and his fiancee Jennifer McDaniel over the weekend. Bischoff wrote, “[Hulk’s] strength and commitment to his faith and his positive view of life is inspiring.”

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