Alexa Bliss On Initially Being Uncomfortable Playing a Heel, What Regal Told Her, Marylin Monroe Comparison

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss recently spoke with The Detroit News and below are some interview highlights:

On initially being uncomfortable playing a heel:

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“Before I was portraying the character Alexa Bliss, I was very shy, very uncomfortable with playing a bad guy or showing any emotion, really,” she says. “Now when I’m in the ring or doing a speaking segment, I get so wrapped up in the character that I don’t even notice I’m doing it. It’s a natural feeling for me.”

How William Regal helped her:

“He would sit and watch people in airports and out in public and he would study their mannerisms, and he’d say if they bothered him, chances are they’d bother other people,” she says.

“I saw how other people were looking at this child, screaming his head off, kicking and screaming in the store, and the poor mother was just mortified and trying to get her son to stop. I was like, ‘that’s gold. I’m using that.’ ”

On her character in WWE vs her in real life:

“Marilyn is very shy and quiet and unsure of herself, but there’s a scene where she’s walking down the stairs and she turns to (Eddie Redmayne’s character) and says, ‘do you want to see me be her?’ And then she switches into Marilyn mode. I was like oh my gosh, that’s exactly how I feel. ‘Do you want to see me be her.’ If you could put it into words, that would be it,” she says.

Source :

The Detroit News