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Mena Massoud, the star of the new Disney Aladdin live-action film, is suing Elon Musk’s Tesla, claiming that a manufacturing fault in his Tesla Model 3 caused a car wreck.

The star of Disney’s live-action Aladdin film, Mena Massoud, is reportedly suing electric car manufacturer Tesla over a recent car wreck in his Tesla Model 3, according to TMZ. A lawsuit obtained by TMZ shows that Massoud is claiming that his brand new Tesla Model 3 had multiple manufacturing and design defects that caused him to crash into a tree.

Massoud alleges that he purchased the Tesla vehicle in September and the next day was driving on Hollywood Boulevard. He alleges that when attempting to change lanes, the right front wheel crumpled and flew off the car, causing his vehicle to skid across the sidewalk and into a tree. The lawsuit includes photos of the damaged vehicle and tree.

Massoud has hired attorney Kevin K. Javidzad at Colony Law and alleges that he has suffered personal injuries and totaled his Tesla 3 as a result of the crash. Massoud says the blame for the incident lies directly with Tesla. TMZ reached out to Tesla for comment but received no response.

Tesla critics on social media, known as $TslaQ, document problems with Tesla wheels. The description in Massoud’s lawsuit closely mirrors a phenomenon $TslaQ calls “whomp wheels.”

Breitbart News reported in May of this year that shares in Tesla Inc. plummeted after one of the firm’s cars was involved in a fatal car crash while in autopilot mode. Shares dropped below eight percent to their lowest close since December 2016 in May after the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said that Tesla’s autopilot driver assistance technology was active during a fatal crash.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been praising the company’s autopilot system for some time, claiming that the company will have 1 million automated robotaxis on the road by next year. Others, however, have claimed that Tesla vehicles are nowhere close to fully self-driving and claim that Musk is giving drivers false faith in the vehicles autopilot system, which is similar to advanced cruise control.

The latest Tesla crash involved a Model 3 vehicle and took place in Delray Beach, Florida, appears to be the third crash of its kind in the U.S. alone. The NTSB stated that a Model 3 vehicle struck a truck connected to a semitrailer on March 1st. According to the report, the roof of the Model 3 vehicle “was sheared off as the vehicle underrode the semitrailer” and the 50-year-old driver was killed. Read more about the incident here.

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