AEW Dynamite Results (2/12): Moxley Takes A Tour Of The Islands, MJF vs. Jungleboy, New Champion Crowned

FEBRUARY 12, 2020


The 4 friends shake hands before the match…..but we suddenly see The Dark Order on the screen. They say that they are preparing for the arrival of the exalted one..and when the time is right…they will strike.

On the outside, Christopher Daniels offers to investigate. Kenny Omega starts the match with Frankie Kazarian and we get a collar and elbow tie up to start. Kazarian turns it into a side headlock, but Kenny sends Kazarian off the ropes. Kazarian answers with a shoulder block, but Kenny pops up and hits some deep arm drags on Kazarian. Kenny bounces off the ropes and Scorpio Sky kicks Kenny from behind with a chop shot.

Kazarian hits Kenny with a release German Suplex before knocking Hangman off the apron and then getting a cover on Kenny, but Kenny kicks out at 2. Scorpio Sky is tagged in and Kazarian looks to hit SCU Later on Kenny, but Page pops in and he clotheslines Kazarian out of the ring. Sky is also knocked out of the ring and Kenny gets pumped up to go for the dive, but Sky grabs the leg and does a dive of his own onto Hangman Page. Kenny gets up and hits a dive himself onto Kazarian then throws Sky back in the ring to hit a Fisherman Buster then go for the pin, but Sky kicks out at 2.

Kenny tags in Page and we get some double teams to take out both Sky and Kazarian. Page sends Sky off the ropes and Sky tries for a crossbody, but Page catches Sky before delivering a Fallaway slam! Kenny looks to hit a moonsault, but Sky gets his knees up. Page looks to go up top as well, but Kazarian pushes Page out onto the barricade on the outside.

Kenny Rolls out of the ring and Sky pushes Kenny hard into the barricade before tossing him back in. Kazarian comes in and springboards a leg drop on Kenny before going for the cover, but once again Kenny will not stay down. Sky back in now and he stands on the back of Kenny Omega, then hits a kick to the midsection. Kazarian comes in and he puts a hard leg lock on Kenny, really working on that midsection. Kenny slowly tries to get up and go for a tag, but there’s no one for him to tag!

Both members of SCU come after Omega, but he leaps over and finally is able to tag in Hangman Page! Page comes in ON FIRE and hits come big boots on both Sky and Kazarian, putting them both in the corner. Page clothelines both men in the corner, acting like a one man wrecking crew. Sky falls to the center of the ring and Page hits a standing moonsault on Sky. Sky tries to send Page to the outside, but Page stops on the apron, then tries to hit the Buckshot Lariat on Sky, but he moves out of the way and Kazarian instead hits a big clothesline of his own!!

Page gets up and gets nailed with a cutter by Scorpio Sky, and Kenny tries to come in the ring, but he gets hit with a cutter himself!! They try for the double submission, but Kenny gets out and pushes Sky out of the submission.

We get absolute chaos, but Page and Omega come out of it with sending Sky to the outside, then hitting the buckshot lariat and V-Trigger combination to pick up the pin over Kazarian!

Winners AND STILL AEW Tag Team Champions: Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page

After the match, the Dark Order come out, but Chuck Taylor and Trent come out quick come to face them. Just then, the Butcher and the Blade come out, and trailed quickly by TH2! The Young Bucks come in and slide in the ring and now we get Tag Team Chaos!! All tag teams are flying everywhere and The Young Bucks, SCU, & The Best Friends clear the ring!! The Butcher and The Blade come in and send The Best Friends out, but The Young Bucks retaliate with sending them out of the ring. Matt and Nick Jackson get up on the top turnbuckles and fly on the outside onto all the teams.

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