Adding 3 More Species To The List, Uttarakhand Aims To Be The ‘Butterfly Capital’ Of The World

We all love the colourful butterflies and watching them just brightens up our day, doesn’t it? The sad part is with time, pollution, human activities, we now see fewer butterflies around us but Uttarakhand is trying to solve the problem and is aiming towards becoming the global butterfly capital. 

The Uttarakhand government is working towards the promotion of the ‘butterfly tourism’ in the state. As we all know Uttarakhand is known to have more than 500 species of butterflies in India.

Earlier in July 2016, three new varieties of butterflies- ciliate blue (Anthene emolus), Newar three ring (Ypthima newara), western five rings (Ypthima indecora) were added to the list. 

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  • Dehradun and Nainital already have butterfly parks and are attracting a large number of tourists.

    So now you can add Uttarakhand’s butterfly parks to your bucket list.


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