A Muslim Family Celebrating The Holy Month Of Ramadan In Trump's America

Muslims all over the world are celebrating Ramadan and this family living in New Jersey is no different. Here’s how the Egyptian-American Elhariry family from New Jersey celebrates the holy month.

1. Egyptian-American Hager Elhariry, 24, looks at her smartphone while standing on her patio before Iftar dinner and breaking the fast during Ramadan, in Manalapan, New Jersey.


2. Hager points at lights falling on her father Mahmoud’s face as the family await to break the fast and start Iftar dinner. 


3. Members of the Elhariry family (L-R) daughter Hager, father Mahmoud and mother Faten Oda cook and clean while preparing for Iftar dinner and breaking fast at their home in Manalapan, New Jersey.


4. Faten Oda, daughter Hager, and father Mahmoud break their fast during Ramadan.


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  • 5. Faten Oda carries Egyptian meamar rice as members of the Elhariry family and their friends await to take part in Iftar dinner. 


    6. Mahmoud Elhariry leads the Maghrib sunset prayer as his friend Ali Ghonaim and son Mustafa join in ahead of the Iftar dinner.


    7. Members of the family Shahenda, 19, family friend Hanem Ghonaim, 18, daughter Hager, and mother Faten Oda, take part in a Maghrib sunset prayer before Iftar dinner. 


    8. Shahenda places a leg of lamb on the table as her sister Hager awaits the start of dinner.


    9. Hager high-fives family friend Ali Ghonaim as the family takes part in Iftar dinner. 


    10. The Elhariry family takes part in the scrumptious Iftar dinner during Ramadan.


    11. Mustafa Elhariry, speaks as the family and their friends take part in Iftar dinner. 


    12. Mustafa, 29, departs from his family home after Iftar to take part in Tarawih prayers at a nearby mosque. 


    With Inputs Reuters

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