A.J. Comments On Vince At RAW, Ryback's Push Continues, JTG's Punishment

– With WWE Chairman Vince McMahon appearing on tonight’s RAW to deliver a “State of WWE” Address, RAW General Manager tweeted this over the weekend:

“So I’ve been told Mr. McMahon is going to be at Raw this Monday. This is quite an interesting development…”

– WWE Superstar JTG did a Q&A with fans on Twitter over weekend and says he was punished by WWE for ranting about being held back and WWE’s young talent not getting the opportunities they deserve. After his Twitter rant, JTG says WWE “punished” him by having him get squashed by Ryback the next week on RAW.

– Speaking of Ryback, his big push continues. Ryback wrestled his first Lumberjack Match at last night’s WWE SmackDown live event in Anaheim, California, defeating Jinder Mahal. At one point in the match, many of the heel lumberjacks attacked him, but he was able to throw them all off of him. After the match, Ryback hit his finisher on several of those heel lumberjacks.

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