7 Paw-dorable Stories Of Dogs Playing Heroes And Saving Their Owners’ Lives!

You know the relationship with your dog has transcended into a higher realm when it becomes your saviour.

Dogs are not just loyal, they are irrevocably devoted. For the sole reason that you are the only family they have. They are not just your best friend, they are your soulmate and that’s precisely how their sixth sense kicks in when something goes awry.

We have innumerable examples of how pooches came to the rescue of their owners and saved their lives. Today, we reminisce about a few of them lest we forget how wonderful dogs are.

1. Owner breaks neck, dog keeps him warm for 24 hours by lying in snow with him

A Michigan man, who broke his neck outside his home in freezing cold, was saved by his pet who laid on top of him for 24 hours to keep him warm. Bob broke his neck after he slipped on the snow while collecting firewood. The temperature at the time was -4 degrees Celcius.

McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital

Bob’s five-year-old Golden Retriever, Kelsey kept Bob warm by lying on top of him, kept him awake by licking his face and hands, and barked all through the night for help. Bob was discovered by his neighbour the next morning and was taken to the hospital. 

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  • 2. Owner gets attacked by armed robbers, dog fights and chases them away

    When a Professor and his pet, Leo were returning from their trip to a milk parlour in Mahalakshmi Layout, Bengaluru, they were stopped by a group of armed men who wanted to rob the Professor of his gold chain and other valuables. 


    Sensing danger, Leo pounced on the man threatening his owner and fought the others off bravely. While Leo busied himself with the robbers, the Professor called for help. By the time his family arrived, Leo had chased off the gang. 

    3. Owner gets stuck in a burning building, dog shields her from fire

    When Che’s owner’s house caught fire, the dog barked himself hoarse, alerting the neighbours to the mishap who called 911. The incident, that occurred in Philadelphia, had left both Che and his owner unconscious and the pooch was found lying on top of his human’s body. 


    While Che suffered serious smoke inhalation, his owner suffered 50 percent burns and was admitted in a critical condition. 

    4. Family gets threatened by cobras, hero Doberman dies warding them off

    When a family’s life came in danger, their dog was ready to protect them. The incident took place in the Sebekapur village of Gajapati district where four mountain cobras had tried entering the family’s house. The Doberman guarding the entrance fought with the snakes and killed them all.


    However, the dog collapsed soon after from the poison of the snake bites and died. The villagers organised a funeral for the hero dog before he was buried. 

    5. Toddler gets lost in Siberian wilderness, gets saved by a puppy

    A toddler got lost in the Siberian wilderness for three days before she was saved by her doggy. Three-year-old Karina Chikitova was followed by her puppy into the wild who helped the girl stay warm at nights. 

    siberian times

    A massive search and rescue operation was put in place but when it yielded no results in finding the little girl, it was called off. But soon, the puppy returned home alone after a few days and led the searchers back into the wild where its human lived for 11 days!

    6. Owner chokes on an onion, dog jumps on his back to help him breathe

    18-month-old Labrador, Lexi played the canine version of a doctor when she saved his dying human from choking on a piece of onion. 67-year-old Alan Spencer from East Yorkshire was certain he would die when he started to choke. But his dog Lexi knew better.


    The Labrador leaped into the air and landed bang in the middle of Spencer’s back – the impact of which led the onion to shoot right out of Spencer’s mouth which saved his life. 

    7. Owner suffers a seizure, dog bites into his phone to dial 911

    This can be the next big training you can give your dog – how to dial an emergency service. When Terry McGlade, a U.S. Marine with a medical condition of PTSD and seizures, experienced one of his episodes, his dog Major did the unthinkable. The dog got out Mcglade’s phone out of his pocket and bit into it till he managed to dial 911. 


    The responders heard McGlade having a seizure on the phone and immediately came to his rescue. Major had called them 10 times before they could take him seriously!

    Time to take the biggest hug out of your bag and rain the love on your paw-dorable thing for being there. 


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