7 Good Things You Can Do To Bring About Incredible Changes in Our Environment

2016 was a bad year for various reasons. The year gave us a gazillion things to be upset about. Someone broke our ‘happily ever after’ bubble, the kindest souls were lost to tragedy, and our climate went through some major changes. From snowfall in Saudi Arabia to the 20 mile crack in the West Antarctic ice sheet, we have a lot to worry about. Although there is little we can do to reverse this process, we haven’t lost hope on 2017 to turn things around for us. We can still prolong the downfall by bringing about certain changes in our lives as highlighted by 100 Pipers in their video series ‘The Good You Can Do’. This series by 100 Pipers gives us reason to believe that all of us are capable of making positive changes around us. Here are 7 good things you can do to bring about a bigger change in the society. 

1. Don’t sit idle and waste non-renewable resources


Turn off the car engine at traffic signals. Through the various activities we partake in, over a lifetime we produce at least 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is enough to destroy an entire forest. Switching off your car engine will not just save the environment but will also conserve non-renewable resources.

2. Take less, waste less


Around 300 grams of food is wasted by an individual every day, which amounts up to a staggering 7 tonnes in a lifetime. This is in fact enough to feed at least 3500 people a day!   

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  • 3. Save water 


    Don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth. On an average, a person wastes nearly 15 lakh litres of water in a lifetime. The water shortage problems which we faced in the past should be treated as valuable lessons that help us gear up for the future.

    4. Recycle for a better future


    In the next few years, the earth might turn into a huge garbage dump. If 7000 workers recycle their office papers, it would be equivalent to taking 400 cars off the road! 

    5. Embrace the benefits of carpooling and public transport


    Carpooling saves the environment from the horrors of pollution and also helps you beat the peak hour traffic; thanks to the reduced number of cars on the road!

    6. Shop online


    Apart from making things more convenient for us, the digital age is also helping us save on fuel and traffic. Instead of heading out to the grocery store a few times a week, simply buy your supplies online. What could be possibly more uplifting than retail therapy from the confines of your home?

    7. Reduce your daily electric input 


    Turn off lights when not in use. Switch your electric bike for a manual one and head out on exciting adventures. Ditch the air conditioner and use fans to cool you through the night.  

    If you are still wondering why you need to sail towards a better a future, simply take a look at the shocking statistics mentioned in ‘The Good You Can Do’ video series by 100 Pipers. They might change your perspective!


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