26-Year-Old Man Diagnosed With ‘Binge Watching Addiction’ Is Somewhere All Of Us

Well, if you binge watch your favourite TV series by sacrificing your sleep, you’ve got to read this. A 26-year-old, marketing professional in Gurgaon has been diagnosed with “addiction of online binge watching”.


He approached the hospital, complaining that he has depression and anxiety, however his psychiatrist found a completely different reason to his problems.

Dr Manish Jain, consultant, department of psychiatry, BLK Super Specialty Hospital, found out that the patient used to watch documentaries and TV shows in one go, due to which he always used to be sleep deprived. For two years, he kept binge watching that led to depression, mind absenteeism and anxiety.

Despite travelling 60-80km to work everyday and working a nine-hour shift, the marketing professional couldn’t let go off his addiction. Despite reaching home late, he always used to watch documentaries and TV shows, instead of sleeping. This made him wake up late in the morning and missing workdays too.

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    Binge watching addiction has become a lifestyle-related addiction. Watching shows continuously by giving up on sleep and social life can easily lead to depression and anxiety. 

    The Gurgaon man now has to go through a psychotherapy for curing his addiction. 

    While many of us binge-watch our favourite TV series, little did we know that it can be a root cause for so many problems? What do you think can be a solution for this? Tell us in the comments section.


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