Woman says lawyer was so bad with case she exposed their stairwell hookup

A woman says she and her divorce lawyer had a tryst in a courthouse stairwell — but what was really over the line was the way he handled her case, new Manhattan court papers show. Had the lothario lawyer done better legal work, she actually wouldn’t have blown the whistle on the shenanigans, according toRead moreRead more

Fast days on the Concorde: Rock stars, wine & the ’11-mile-high club’

It should come as no surprise that the Concorde had to have a special place to store the mink and sable coats passengers wore on the plane. But those fliers probably had no idea that the staff of the famed jet was secretly trying on the furs. “If a really beautiful coat came through, weRead moreRead more

NYPD ordered to release all videos from fatal 2017 shooting

A judge has ordered the NYPD to release videos from a 2017 fatal shooting, saying that keeping police footage from the public flies in the face of the key goal of the body-worn camera program: transparency. The police department must release all of its footage — a total of 48 minutes from eight body camerasRead moreRead more

Mets’ miserable bullpen at it again in horrid loss

The Mets held a lead in each of their four games against the Cardinals. They received strong starting pitching in all four contests, except the finale when a left calf cramp limited Jason Vargas to four innings. They averaged 5.2 runs per game. Yet Mickey Callaway’s team was able to secure just a single victoryRead moreRead more

Pompeo says ‘lots of evidence’ proves Iran attacked oil tankers

​Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said more evidence will be released to show Iran was responsible for attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman and the Trump administration is weighing all options – including military – in response. “The intelligence community has lots of data, lots of evidence – the world will comeRead moreRead more

Trump to \u2018worst and most vicious critics\u2019: Happy Father\u2019s Day

​President Trump didn’t forget his critics on Father’s Day. “Happy Father’s Day to all, including my worst and most vicious critics, of which there are fewer and fewer,” Trump tweeted on Sunday. “This is a FANTASTIC time to be an American! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” The president is spending at least part of Father’s Day atRead moreRead more

NYC allocates $250K to help low-income women obtain abortions

The city has secured $250,000 to pay for abortion services for low-income women who do not have access to safe and affordable health care, lawmakers said on Friday. The one-time allocation of funds from the City Council will be given to the New York Abortion Access Fund and was championed by the Women’s Caucus inRead moreRead more

In dropping Linda Fairstein, the book industry reveals its cowardice

When Galileo Galilei finished writing his last work, “Two New Sciences,” he had trouble finding a publisher. Galileo had been branded a heretic, and his work was prohibited by the Inquisition. A patron arranged for the book to be published in Venice and then chickened out. The House of Elzevir (whose name lives on inRead moreRead more

How opioids invaded America \u2014 and are now tightening their grip

After a breakup in 2008, a cousin gave Ashlee Krichmar, then 20, a Percocet. She’d never much liked them in the past — they made her sick — but that day the college student majoring in business management took the pill. “It numbed all the emotions I was having at the time, so I didn’tRead moreRead more

Lesbian couple assaulted on bus: Attackers viewed us as ‘sexual objects’

The lesbian couple attacked by a homophobic mob on a London bus said it was clear the men who punched and robbed them viewed the pair as “sexual objects” there to “entertain.” In a new interview, Melania Geymonat, 28, and her partner Chris, 29, said the bloody beating was “firstly, an attack against women” thatRead moreRead more