Diane Keaton\u2019s post-‘Annie Hall’ apartment returns at a discount

Diane Keaton credits her old apartment at the legendary San Remo as “the beginning of [her] true interest in architecture,” as she once told Wine Spectator. Click Here: cheap pandora Rings The three-bedroom unit is now back on the market for $14.5 million, down from its $17.5 million ask last year. The listing was firstRead moreRead more

Craft beer makers are coming up with some insane flavors

Anyone for steak and onion Kolsch? Or a macaroni and cheese pale ale? Those were among the flavors at the Strange Brew Festival in Reno, Nevada, this month, where competition for attention has intensified as craft beers have boomed. Brewers have always experimented, from the medieval Belgians who stirred sour cherries into their beer toRead moreRead more

China threatens to limit rare earths exports in warning over trade war

China on Wednesday issued a blunt warning to the US over the trade war between the world’s two largest economies, saying it could limit exports of rare earths to the US — and adding “Don’t say we didn’t warn you!” see also Xi Jinping tells China to prepare for long trade war with US ChineseRead moreRead more

Acting defense secretary breaks with Trump on North Korea missile launches

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said North Korea’s recent ballistic missile launches violate a United Nations Security Council resolution, breaking with President Trump. “The short-range missile, is that a violation? Yes,” he told reporters Wednesday while on a trip to Asia. “These were short-range missiles and those are a violation of the UNSCR.​”​ Both nationalRead moreRead more

Man sets himself on fire near White House

A man lit himself on fire near the White House on Wednesday afternoon — and he was caught on video appearing to calmly stroll through a park before cops extinguished the flames. Witnesses saw the man erupt into a bright orange fireball at the Ellipse, a tourist-filled park that sits north of the Washington Monument,Read moreRead more

Metta World Peace: ‘I wish I had trusted more people’ with my mental health struggle

Metta World Peace insists he’s not “misunderstood.” “That’s saying that I am somehow different from what people say I am,” the retired hoopster tells The Post. “I am that person. I’m from the streets.” The 39-year-old Queens-bred hoops star, who changed his name from Ron Artest in 2011, has long been seen as a manRead moreRead more

Black bear tried to climb into woman’s car in Rhode Island

Don’t pick up hitchhikers. Even furry ones. A woman in Rhode Island found herself in the frightening position Tuesday of having to deny a ride to an overly friendly bear — who appeared intent on getting in her car, officials said. The curious black bear was spotted near Camp Varnum, a Rhode Island Army NationalRead moreRead more

‘The Real World’ Season 1’s New York loft listed for $7.5M

This is what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real … estate. A sprawling Soho co-op at 565 Broadway — which most famously served as “The Real World” loft during the MTV reality show’s inaugural season in 1992 — has listed for $7.5 million, according to Curbed NY. Seven strangers — Becky,Read moreRead more

Office grumps could be making the job better for everyone

The office grump may be doing the whole company a favor. When disgruntled employees have a chance to gripe about pay and conditions, they skip work and leave for other jobs at lower rates, according to new research. As garment workers absorbed news that a minimum wage increase was less than expected, the study —Read moreRead more

‘The Goldfinch’ trailer: First look at Ansel Elgort in film adaptation

The first heart-wrenching trailer for the film adaption of Donna Tartt’s 760-page, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “The Goldfinch” was released Wednesday. “In Amsterdam, I dreamt I saw my mother again,” star Ansel Elgort narrates at the launch of the melancholy preview. The “Fault in Our Stars” star plays the adult Theo Decker, who loses his motherRead moreRead more