17 Memes That Hilariously Sum Up Our Feelings When The Dreaded Tax Season Arrives

Tax season is upon us. So before we get busy (and confused) with filing endless taxes, we bring to you some of the most hilarious tax memes to take away all that stress. From submitting tax declaration forms to filing returns, these 17 memes cover it all and we promise they’ll make you laugh louder than you should. Go ahead and don’t forget to tag your friends who go through the same drill every year with you.

#1 That DAMN moment

#2 Don’t we all?

#3 Someone said it.

#4 Perennial state of confusion.

#5 Taxing times

#6 Can we please pay attention to this?

#7 True story, bro.

#8 If you think about it…

#9 Even Einstein agrees.

#10 F*** you, government.

#11 Don’t we all?

#12 No doubt about that.

#13 We’re all guilty of this, too.

#14 Good luck, friends.

#15 Exactly us during tax season.

#16 Bless you.

#17 Oh yeah, totally.

Memes by Pinterest and Tumblr. 


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