17 Embarrassing Texts Sent To The Wrong Person That Will Make You Die Laughing!

If you are guilty of ever sending a text message to a person it wasn’t meant for, then you would know the pain that follows after. Embarrassment and humiliation go hand-in-hand and you cannot, for the love of God, escape either. 

The moment you hit enter, you are met with this sinking feeling of doom that you know will extinguish you. Worse than this are times when you don’t even realise you have messaged the wrong person. It’s only when they text you back…

Without further ado, check these out these insane cases – based on a Reddit thread – of wrong pings. 

1. The wrong co-worker ping

What’s the worst thing you can do after making out with a co-worker? Sending a hungover text to a colleague is a namesake of your office fling!


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  • User Lumpyalien says:

    “After drunkenly making out with a co-worker, I sent a hungover text to apologise and make sure we were both clear it was a mistake none of our coworkers have to know about. I sent it to another coworker with the same name, the office gossip…[sic]” 

    2. The wrong girlfriend ping

    A lot of missing happens when you are on vacation and haven’t seen your beau in a long time. What do you do?  

    know your meme

    User spacelincoln explains:

    “My brother and I were flying back from my other brother’s place. He’s sitting next to me on the plane and I get a text from him, “I can’t wait to be inside you.””

    3. The wrong typographical ping

    Yeah, typos are the worst side-effects of texting. The words ‘mom’ and ‘mouth’ are nowhere even related to each other, yet!

    Asia Sentinel

    User Mochashaft tells how it happened:

    “My lady recently sent me a text that said “I love the way your cock feels in my mom.” She meant mouth and I appreciated that, but still crying laughing till I couldn’t breathe.”

    4. The wrong fiance ping

    Sexting your female boss, that can easily amount to sexual harassment, can only be forgiven if it’s an honest mistake.

    republic of buzz

    User JeffreyGlen’s stars were in his favour when he mistakenly texted his 60 year-old-boss this:

    “MFW I eat the pussy so good you punch me in the back of the head.” I immediately apologized, tried to play it off as my friends grabbed my phone, etc. etc. She never responded. She never brought it up. Until I came to work following the day of my engagement, and my boss looks at me, places her fist on her head, and says, “Well, we all know why she said yes.” I turned so very, very, very red. Well played.”

    5. The wrong ‘I love you’ ping.

    It’s endearing to see boys saying ‘I love you’ to their moms. But not when they send their girlfriends that text for the, ahem, first time. Ever!


    Imagine user mdenglish’s horror when he made this mistake: 

    “I sent “I love you” to my girlfriend. Then told her “wrong person”, as I meant to send it to my mother.”

    6. The wrong husband ping

    Texting your sibling intimate details about one of your ‘sessions’ have you like, dead!


    User drphungky says:

    Not me, my sister. She once texted me (instead of her husband) about how amazing her masturbation session was.

    7. The wrong wife ping

    Propositioning your daycare provider is perhaps the worst move ever but this dad was lucky to have survived it. 

    today show

    User gobigred3562 shares: 

    “”Hope you’re naked when I get there.” Sent to my son’s daycare provider; she’s 65 and 300 pounds. Intended for my wife of the same first name. The daycare lady handled the text well. “You don’t want me to be naked. I’m glad you guys still have a spark. [sic]“”

    8. The wrong boss ping

    One couple. Two bosses. Same name. Imagine the confusion!

    vogue australia

    User babeardsly elaborates:

    “My wife and I both had bosses named Ken. One day, I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I texted her boss (accidentally) instead of my boss to see if I could get the day off. He said yes knowing full well what he was doing. But about 30 minutes later he told me that I should probably ask my boss though, just to be sure.”

    9. The wrong abusive ping

    We have all been there and said some really unholy stuff in front of our mothers. But this guy wins hands down!


    User 93throwaway19 shares:

    “To my religious, non-cussing mother, “It’s hot as a mother fucker out here.” It went okay. That was four years ago and occasionally if I say, “It’s hot in here” she’ll follow up with, “How hot is it?””

    10. The wrong friend ping

    There are certain texts that wives are not supposed to read. But alas, sometimes they do. 


    Allow user paulguise to explain: 

    “I sent my wife a rather explicit text message on my phone whilst also typing a message to my friend on the computer. Thought I made a huge mixup and texted my wife “sorry wrong person”. Realized my mistake when she responded “Who was it supposed to be for?!?!””

    11. The wrong doctor ping

    Messing with a doctor can result in painful reactions but this, right here, burns down hell itself. 


    User AbsoluteSilence breaks his silence: 

    “I once sent “don’t be a little bitch” to my attending physician (as a medical student). It was meant for my brother but the attending had just sent me a text saying he was running late. Luckily he laughed it off, but I almost died.”

    12. The wrong dad ping

    Texting nudes to your parents is nothing short of third-degree. We don’t know what followed but this must have hurt. 


    User Sasquatch_000 had it rough:

    I accidentally sent a picture of my erect dick to my dad.

    13. The wrong sister text

    Ordering a ‘special gift’ from your sister on your birthday? For heaven’s sake, don’t ask for a lap dance!


    User Outrageous_Claims, did the outrageous when he did this: 

    “”So how about a lap dance for the birthday boy”. Sent to my sister accidentally, on my birthday. She still brings that up every now and again.”

    14. The wrong boyfriend ping

    The girlfriend saw the boyfriend. But who she saw was actually her sorority sister. Was the boyfriend with the sister, in the shower? 


    Let user buhrandee explain:

    “Earlier I meant to text my boyfriend “I see you!!” I accidentally sent it to my sorority sister and immediately told her that I sent it to the wrong person and she replied back “okay, I was a little creeped out because I just stepped out of the shower.””

    15. The wrong ex-partner ping

    Drunk texting is one thing and accidentally pinging your ex is another. 

    Sick Chirpse

    User mstibbs13 did exactly that: 

    “I love you and miss you. Sent to an ex who was bordering on stalker.”

    Are you filled with regret? Burrrn. 


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