15 Things You Should Never, Ever Do At Bars As Revealed By Bartenders

You had a great time last night, drinking the evening away. You got high and danced with your besties. But then you got drunk. You ripped the coasters apart. You asked for free drinks. You did all of that and remembered nothing the next morning.

See, you can’t do that. There are rules to be followed and the list doesn’t end there. Here are 15 things you should never, EVER do when you go our drinking, as revealed by these bartenders of Reddit.

1. Don’t eat out of the fruit tray

Trust Redditor RaoulZDuke when he says “Don’t f**king eat out of the f**king fruit tray. That fruit is meant for drinks, not for your grubby fingers.” The bartenders don’t want you touching their lemons with bare hands when they are supposed to go in a drink. Eww!


2. Don’t scream their name

It’s one thing to know a bartender and another to scream their name off the top of your lungs. A huge pet peeve for IT_Bartender, especially when he is serving other guests – including his best friends!

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    3. Don’t haggle

    Seriously, guys. The bartenders don’t own the bar so stop asking them to give you concessions! Reddior Phr4gG3r is in no position to offer you discounts without taking cuts from his own tips!

    wooder ice

    4. Don’t rip the coasters

    Getting drunk is fun but ripping the coaster and labels? Hell no! As if you haven’t caused enough drama for the night, you scattering the pieces on the floor is added misery for the bartenders. showmebevelle will hate you more if you wedge the bits in gaps, so stop!


    5. Don’t ask for drinks after closing time

    “Please, one more. I’ll pay you” is the highest insult you can slap on a bartender. They have a licence that expires after closing time. Redditor wagamamalullaby has “no till. Go the f**k home”.


    6. Don’t ask for your phone to be plugged into a charger

    It’s a full house. The bartender is pouring a million drinks. You, being your dumb self, walk up to the bar and go “heyyyyyyy do you have a charger back there, can you plug my phone in please. Hurry it’s going to die”. Just don’t, says cinderellaponygirl.


    7. Don’t hit on them

    Bartenders are there to serve you drinks and ensure you have a good evening. You hitting on them instead is just plain wrong. xxCLJ shares his worst one liner – “Hi, what would you like?” Customer: “you”. *eyeroll*

    getty images

    8. Don’t ask for something that’s “strong, cheap and tastes good”

    Something that is cheap and tastes good is manageable. Even strong and yummy. But all three? That’s wishful thinking. Redditor minifridge072 wants you to stop asking that.


    9. Don’t throw your money/ID on the bar

    That’s a really bad move, to be honest. Especially when the bartender has his hand out! It really pisses off Redditor pork_police – don’t “throw your f**king money/ID on the f**king bar when I have my f**king hand out for it.”

    getty images

    10. Don’t scream for your order

    Have a little patience. Your bartender is not a superhuman. Screaming “where’s my order already” won’t increase their productivity. “If you order 13 drinks, I’ve got to pour you 13 drinks. I’m only human,” says ThatGuyJim.

    getty images

    11. Don’t ask them to be your wingman

    Don’t “expect me to be in on you hitting on that girl. We are not a team. You creep me out, imagine how she feels,” says Redditor Benjizee. Operative word – creep.

    getty images

    12. Don’t say ‘I’ll have a beer please’

    You do know there’s more than just one type of beer, right? Don’t make a fool of yourself by asking “I’ll have a beer please”. Mention the kind you would like, says foxsweater.


    13. Don’t snap your fingers at them

    It’s rude, people. “If you snap your fingers at anyone, you’re a megadouche. When I was still serving, if someone snapped their fingers at me I ignored them as long as I could,” says thatswhytheycallitsh.

    the modern man

    14. Don’t leave your lipstick behind, ladies

    “Ladies, your never comes off lipstick looks fantastic. It never comes off my glassware, either,” says Justice_Man. That’s can pose a few problems. Let’s solve this one, ladies!

    bon appetit

    15. Don’t order a drink if you are pregnant

    “Try and fight me when I won’t serve booze to your pregnant girlfriend. I decided she looked under age and what a shame she doesn’t have any proof of age. But she is pregnant. You don’t need to be 18 to be pregnant mate…”, says Kalimojo. Holy mother of God!

    message with a bottle

    The bartenders are watching you, people. Play nice and all will be well. 


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