15 Absolutely Crucial Life Lessons They Should Have Taught Us In School

I know, I know! 

It is only now that we realise how amazing our school life was. As kids, who always wanted to grow up and step into the world full of people who looked like adults, we now firmly understand that it was a hoax.

Adulthood was nothing like what we assumed. Often people who have the liberty to make their own decisions do not really know what they want. Often people who earn aren’t left with too much month at the end of their money. 

Nevertheless, do you think that life would have been a tad bit easier had we learned life skills in schools? Nothing major, just some crucial ones, mostly learning how it is to be an independent adult.

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  • We’ve have curated a list of things that they should have taught us.

    1. What changing lanes means in India

    Indians are miles away from the art of driving, which is why most roads in India look like a piece of art, juxtaposed with unexpected people coming in from every direction.  

    Changing lanes so absurdly cost people their lives, send many to hospitals and damage their automobiles. Yet, nothing changes. In school, they should teach kids the repercussions of rash driving. 

    2. What the First Class dabba of a mumbai local looks like

    The lifeline of Mumbai, the local train, carries the weight of the entire city, quite literally. Despite being overly crowded, in the hot-humid weather, it’s hard to give a derelict shake to the spirit of people. 

    Despite being a good thing, it’s in Mumbai local that affluent and destitute travel together.

    3. The economics of black money 

    We’re invariably conned, cheated, lied to and stolen from, all in the name of a glorious system that we have no idea of. Black Economy is a thriving evil in our society, and even corporate giants don’t shy away from stealing.

    If at an early age, kids are taught the systematic discrepancies, questionable charges and other rudiments, a lot of money can be saved. 

    4. The fine art of kissing ass at work

    A handful of people are happy with their jobs and a seaful are grieving about where they’ve landed – definitely, there’s something wrong there.

    Yet, some somehow manage to do that. How? The silver lining, in this case, is that you may not like a person, but you can pretend to, in order to develop a professional harmony and this is an art. 

    5. How to be friends with people who hate you/people you hate

    Call it the Benjamin Franklin Effect or human nature, but there are people who don’t like you and they exist. Most of these people are harmless, but some withdraw positivity from your life and push you into a hole of blues.

    Schools, one of the pivotal places where a child develops his/her perspective, perception, teaching them how to handle criticism, abhorrence and hatred can be critical to their holistic growth. 

    6. How to put up a rack

    Knowing how to calculate the surface area of a cuboid object does not help when you need to fix a broken door. No? 

    Just basics, basics of things like fixing furniture, banking, tax and other things can go a long way.

    7. How to respect public space

    Indians know no concept of public spaces. Like that aunty who leans over to read your messages in the metro or that uncle, you joins your dad to give away free advice.

    Listen, we don’t need it. Our public space is vanishing and we need to literally educate everyone, not just kids, to stop intervening. 

    8. How to not be intrusive 

    Other than offering free advice and poking their nose in someone else’s business, a lot of people in India are intrusive beyond bounds. Asking someone how much they earn, telling someone to eat less, commenting on their job…. there’s no end.

    Politeness is crucial to adulting and we all should learn that.  

    9. How to be squirrely with money

    The concept of savings, investment, securing and participating in generic minimalism can help you save loads of money. We often think that we make pennies in terms of our needs, but a current saving cycle can create a little fortune pond.

    From an early age, kids should be taught the importance of how to manage their funds and channelise their earnings.

    10. How to let go of things 

    People don’t realise that they’re free to grow apart from people. You are free to lose feelings for people and there is nothing wrong in that. 

    Letting go is one of the hardest truths of adulthood and it just doesn’t involve your love interest. Letting go of dreams, ideas, passion, a moment – everything comes under this head. 

    Don’t let yourself hold on to what you need to let go of and that’s what they should be teaching. 

    11. Art of communication

    More often than not we find ourselves in a soup where we are unable to communicate what we believe in. Be it a no, a yes, a chronic disease, an idea – what’s keeping us away?

    We grew up online, confessing our innermost thoughts and feelings to our blog, so why not do it with people around us? Open up, it will bring you good, and this what school is about. 

    12. Everything about sex education

    From thinking that a kiss leads to pregnancy to the highly stupid idea of women giving birth from their mouth, kids in school leave no stone un-turned while they shoot the shit with confidence. 

    Anyway, sex education is important so that kids know they’re being touched inappropriately, so they know how they came into this world, and so they know exactly how you do it.

    There’s nothing wrong in it. There are going to find it anyway, might as well be the truth. 

    13. How to cook your own meals when you’re away from family, maid-less and single

    Because cooking is essential for everyone, not just women and you can’t leave something so essential in someone else’s hands. No? This has a lot to do with our patriarchal society, but this isn’t about feminism, this is about equality.

    14. Why noisy open mouth chewing is a punishable offence

    One of the biggest pet peeve, utterly gross and out-and-out disgusting thing is to see someone eat with their mouths open, clubbed with the noise.

    It’s a constant struggle and it happens every day, everywhere, so much so that it has become a condition suffered by people, Misophonia. Beyond dining etiquette, we believe everyone needs to be taught this. 

    15. How to be in a relationship

    As kids who grow intrigued by the idea of spending their lives with someone, relying on a partner like parents do, stepping into a relation is obviously not as easy as it seems. 

    There’s too much mental pressure, giving in, stepping down, arguments, commitments and other things. It will be too much to ask for, however, it will be great if someone can teach the art of loving, along with the art of being loved. 

    On a lighter note, maybe this too.

    Share your ideas and things you want to be taught at school. 


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