13 Things You Need To Do To Make The Most Of Your Thirties

The carefree days of the crazy 20s are behind you. The 30s are the real start to your adulthood. Regardless of what stage you are at, if you are in your 30s, there are several life lessons you can use to make the most of this journey.

1. Start saving

Your 30s will be your most busy time. Given that you will be at the peak of your career, or at least nearing it, you must start saving money for the future. Think about your home, kids, retirement. Don’t wait till your 40s. Do it now.


2. Start living healthy

Life doesn’t slow down for anyone. The time to start caring for yourself is now. Focus on eating well. Exercise. The time to make a healthy change is upon you lest you regret not doing so when you are old.


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  • 3. Don’t let people bring you down

    You have met your share of crappy people in your teens and your 20s. It’s time to leave toxic people behind, who add nothing but baggage to your life. Stick with those who have stood by you. Life will become much easier to deal with.


    4. Master skills at work

    When it comes to work, you must give your best. Apart from toiling hard, hone two or three skills that will give you the extra edge. Master them as if you own them. You will be able to build a very successful career out of it.


    5. Take risks

    People will keep telling you to “settle down”. Don’t listen to them. There is no excuse to settle for whatever comes along – marriage or parenthood. Keep taking risks and don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t saddle yourself for the rest of your life.


    6. Plan your exit strategy

    At what age would you like to retire? How much money would be enough money? Instead of obsessing over the future, start planning for it. Plan alternative sources of earnings. Is there a passion you want to capitalise on?


    7. Learn something new everyday

    There’s no age limit to learning. Read as many books as you can. Watch TED talks. Devour life hacks and DIY articles. You will be surprised how much happier you will feel once you constantly seek something new to learn. It will help you grow.


    8. Invest in your family

    Just as saving money is important, it’s equally significant to spend time with your kin – your parents, spouse, kids, in-laws. They are the ones who add meaning to your life. Do nice things for them and show them your love.


    9. Stop fretting

    Gone are those days when you would sweat over the littlest things. The things that mattered in your 20s shouldn’t matter now. And the same will hold true when you reach your 40s. So, evolve with time and focus your energy on all the positives in your life.


    10. Travel

    The best way to experience life is to travel to your heart’s content. And it never hurts to spend money on experiences you gather along the way. Make that trip that you have been putting off for a while. A life less travelled is of no worth.


    11. Always trust your intuition

    If you didn’t listen to your gut as a 20-something, you can start now. You will be better tuned with your intuition than ever before. That’s because you are wiser now. You find reason in things. Let your intuition guide you to a peaceful tomorrow.


    12. Maintain a planner

    If you are disorganised, it’s time to change that. Don’t let it be your downfall. Start keeping a planner – list down things that are your priority and work on them one by one. Whether you use paper or an app like Evernote or Bullet Journal, you will soon realise how easy things become.


    13. Go with the flow

    Bad things will still happen to you. You may lose your job. You will lose people close to your heart. But when they say “life goes on”, it really does. The best you can do is to take life as it comes and live in the moment. Love, laugh, live.


    If you do these simple things, it will be the best decade of your life. Happy thirties!


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