13 Obscure Musical Genres You Didn’t Know Existed

When it comes to music, someone is always pushing the boundaries. And around the world there are some extremely unusual, innovative and downright weird genres. While most will help you expand your musical horizon, others will just make you go WTF!

So plug in your headphones and get your ears ready from some insanely fascinating music genres from around the world:

1. Pansori, Traditional Korean Music


Pansori, a traditional Korean musical genre, is sometimes compared to American blues music. It’s traditional storytelling performed by a vocalist and a drummer and is characterized by expressive singing, stylized speech, a repertory of narratives and gesture. Pansori singers undergo long and rigorous training to master the wide range of distinct vocal levels and memorize the complex stories. 

2. Tuvan Throat Singing


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  • Tuva is a rural region of Russia located northwest of Mongolia. Throat-singing is called Khöömei. Singers use a form of circular breathing which allows them to sustain multiple notes for long periods of time.

    3. Noh Theater

    Noh theatre, is a  traditional Japanese theatrical form and one of the oldest existing theatre form. Noh is also referred as ‘Japanese Opera’.Noh performers are simply storytellers who use and the performers include an instrumental chorus (hayashi) of four musicians—who play a flute (nōkan), small hand drum (ko-tsuzumi), large hand drum (ō-tsuzumi), and large drum (taiko)—and by a chorus (jiutai) consisting of 8–10 singers.

    4. Hick-hop

     It’s called hick-hop, or country rap or even Kuntry. This is a fairly new music genre, spawned by the advent of reality show and viral videos. It’s an amalgamation of country music and hip hop. Big Simo is currently the best on the list of all the country rappers. 

    5. Chap Chop

    Chap Hop originated in England and combines elements of hip-hop and the Chappist or steampunk subcultures. Chappism favors the fine clothing, courteous, dandified way of life of old England while steampunk is a science-fiction genre that combines technology and a 19th-century Industrialism aesthetic. It is part cabaret, part rap, reports the Telegraph.  Professor Elemental and Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer (pictured) are two leading this genre. 

    6. Enka


    It’s a form of sentimental Japanese ballad music and is a mix of traditional and the modern form of singing. The  lyrics focus on life in the post-WWII years. Prominent artists include Hachiro Kasuga, Michiya Mihashi, and Hideo Murata.

    7. Baby Metal

    It’s  the increasingly popular Japanese art of mixing the kawaii with death metal. It’s a  Japanese metal idol band. The group was initially formed in 2010 as a subunit of the female idol group Sakura Gakuin, aiming to realize a “fusion of metal and idol”. And now they have come a long way, in January 2017, Babymetal supported Metallica for their WorldWired Tour at Gocheok Sky Dome and also appeared in Japan’s performance of the Guns N’ Roses’. 

    8. Drone

    “A drone is a harmonic or monophonic effect or accompaniment where a note or chord is continuously sounded.” Listening to drone lets the dopamine flow through you.  It contains a ton of subgenres, like drone ambient, drone metal, noise drone, and drone techno. Artists like The Velvet Underground, Brian Eno, and John Cage have employed this in their music. 

    9. Splittercore

    Splittercore is a faster version of Speedcore with BPM ranging from around 600 through 1000. If you are up for something absolutely insane, this is for you. The beats are almost indistinguishable, and definitely impossible to groove to. Listen to it at your risk! 

    10. Danger Music

    This is all about adrenaline rush and maybe a little more than that. Danger Music manipulates a person’s basic ‘fight or flight’ instincts and make you feel like you’re in danger. The video will do all the talking. 

    11. Impossible Music — Black MIDI

    This is downright insane.  This ‘impossible music’ can be found today in a group of musicians who use MIDI files (which store musical notes and timings, not unlike player piano rolls) to create compositions. It stems from composer Conlon Nancarrow, who back in 1947, made an a device which allowed him to punch holes in player piano rolls that allowed him to make complex musical compositions which humans cannot play.  Nonetheless, this is will drive you crazy. 

    12.  Freakbeat

    Freakbeat is a genre of Rock music closely related to the Mod scene of the 1960s. Freakbeat bands took elements of British Rhythm & Blues, Beat Music and Pop Rock and mixed it with the studio effects of Psychedelia – to create a type of music often seen as a British relative of American Garage Rock and Psychedelic Rock. 

    13. Psychobilly

    “Psychobilly is a rock music fusion genre that mixes elements of rockabilly and punk rock.”Psychobilly has its origins in New York City’s 1970s punk underground. The music was  characterized by lyrical references to science fiction, horror and exploitation films, violence, lurid sexuality and was taboo. 


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