12 Amazing Animal Bridges Across The World That Save Thousands Of Animals From Dying

More animals are killed by cars each day than we can ever imagine. 

When people drive above the speed limit on highways, owing to the broad long roads, sans obstacles, it’s hard for them to foresee the arrival of an animal from any side of the road. 


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Animals too, as confused as they can be from the man-made alterations, run from one end to the other end, eventually losing their lives.

Thus, the death toll crosses millions every year. Governments and animal welfare associates across the world have turned to many resorts like glow-in-the-dark paints, barricading etc, but nothing has worked better than these animal bridges and crossings. 

So, let’s check out these amazing bridges and crossing across the globe that not only facilitate a familiar way for animals to cross the road, but also keep them protected.

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  • 1. North Brabant Province, Netherlands


    2. Salamander Tunnels,  New England

    Noah Charney

    3. Banff National Park, Canda 

    highwaywilding Report

    4. Rope Bridge, Victoria


    5. Ecoduct, Singapore


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    6. Green Wildlife Bridge, Germany


    7. Ecoduct In Banff National Park, Canada

    Joel Sartore Report

    8. Turtle Tunnel, Japan


    9. Wildlife Crossing, The Netherlands


    10. Ecoduct, Colorado


    11. Crab Bridge, Christmas Island

    Christmas Island National Park Report

    12. A Tunnel, Finland


    Hoping to save more lives, with one bridge at a time. 


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