11 Times Our Love For Nokia 3310 Proved That It’s The Most Epic Phone Of Our Time

Nokia recently made a huge announcement, one the fans are still coming to terms with: Nokia 3310 is coming back to life, only this time it’s a smartphone with 30+ OS, a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 2MP camera and a microSD slot.

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The revamped Nokia 3310

This news has activated whole new levels of nostalgia in us fans and here we are, wondering what it was about the phone that made us fall in love with it in the first place. Could it be because of :

1. … the endless, looping game of snakes that we never wanted to stop playing

2. …or the fact that absolutely nothing can destroy it

3. …not even salt water

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  • 4. …a washing machine

    Case in point: this ex-soldier’s Nokia 3310 survived war and a washing machine to still work amazingly well after 17 years


    4. …or even a bullet

    5. …that battery life is a non issue and our lives don’t revolve around finding the charger

    6. …instead we have a whole different bunch of ‘issues’ to deal with

    7. …or that it has achieved way more than our favourite team has

    8. … it’s not just a phone

    9. Auto correct? What auto correct?

    10. …being a music composer was never this easy


    11. #Bendgate won’t be a thing anymore

    and then, of course, there was this guy

    Lead image (L-R): Android Authority; OMGVoice.Com


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