11 Poets On Social Media Who Are Killing It With One Word At A Time

A lot of people find solace in good poetry. 

But why do we read poetry? As experts suggest, poetry is not just for your mind, it’s for your heart, it’s for your soul. As John Keating said in Dead Poets Society “We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race…Poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”

If you this resonates with the aforementioned, here’s a brief list of poetry-gold on social media that you should not miss

1. Kaveh Akbar

Kaveh is an Iranian-American poet and if you follow him on Twitter, you’re in for some highly powerful pieces of poetry. He recently released his third book ‘Calling a Wolf a Wolf ’ and it is already creating a fire on social media. 

The good thing about following him is that you will get to read the brilliant work of other upcoming writers because Kaveh is a compulsive sharer. 

2.  p a v a n a

For her unimaginably deep and short poems, p a v a n a uses all white backgrounds and a comfortable typeface to bring the focus to her intense short poemsverse. 

Don’t Miss
  • 3. Fatima Bhutto

    Another gem from the neighbourhoods, Bhutto was born in Kabul and became famous at the age of 15, when her first book, a collection of poems hit the storeshelves. But if one has to pick her best work, it would be her non-fiction book, the The Songs of Blood and Sword. 

    She is also the granddaughter of former Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, niece of the late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and the daughter of MurtazaMorata Bhutto. 

    4. Olivia Gatwood

    Olivia Gatwood is widely popular name and has been widely nationally recognized for her great work. She writes poetry, conducts writing workshops, and work as a Title IX Compliant educator in sexual assault prevention and recovery.

    She’s an active member of the slam poetry community and has penned many powerful pieces on gender equality, sexuality, and social justice.

    5. Vinati Bhola

    Being rooted touted for her phenomenal work in the field of poetryas a poet, Vinati is an internationally published poet based out of New Delhi and manages an Instagram page with over 20,000 followers. Her first collection of poems ‘Udaari’  reloves revolves around the theme of self-love and acceptance. 

    By the way, she’s also a a practising lawyer by profession. 

    6. Megha Rao

    Megha Rao is setting benchmarks for equality and fair distribution of rights for women as it is for men through her work. Her poetry will make you question and ponder over the hard realities of life. 

    She’s also a traveller and a painter who describes herself as a half woman and a half wolf. 

    7. Khawaja Musadiq

    A modern-day poet, KM’s Instagram account is full of poetic conversations that you’d have with yourself before sliding into deep slumber. Hie’s work is easy on the eyes mind and heart, and is making it highly relatable. Through his work, Khawaja prompts people towards self-love. 

    He’s also been featured on several Indian websites. 

     8. Pratishtha Khattar

    Pratishtha’s work is an ode to our trapped freedom. Her poetry, quite beautifully expresses the nitty gritties of life from her perspective, which Is not different from our own. She follows a way of writing poetry where she pens down a tiny prose verse and then tells you the background story. 

    Her work will answer your everyday conundrum. 

    9. Medha Sharma


    Medha’s work is channelled towards helping people who are going through a tough time. With her words, she inspires, helps, assists and give the much-needed motivation that one needs to get through a sloppy day. 

    She is currently entertaining has over 22,000 Instagram followers. 

    10. Sonia Guiñansaca

    The good thing about literature is that there is something for everyone. Sonia, who is a queer migrant is doing just that with her work. Already an acclaimed name in the world of poetry, Sonia has many titles to her credit, including the coveted Latinx Latino Poets You Need to Know by Remezcla and one that calls her as one of the Teen Vogue’s 13 Coolest Queers on the Internet by Teen Vogue. 

    11. Nayyirah Waheed  

    Satiating the nocturnal literary needs of over 287k followers, Nayyirah is an African-American poet with 2 two books of poetry to her credit. She’s also perhaps the most famous poet on Instagram, according to Wikipedia claims. 

    Her poetry is known for being short and minimalistic, however with too much expression on it.  She’s a reclusive writer but loves to pen down her emotions on love, identity, race, and feminism.

    We’re So so glad that these people exist, what would this world be without poets? 


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