11 People Share The Dumbest Thing They’ve Ever Done & It’s Beyond Hilarious

Has it ever happened to you, that in a split second you think of something and without any further thought, you do it? You don’t know anything about its consequences, and after it’s over, you realize that it was indeed the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. C’mon, admit it. We’ve all been there and no, we are not here to put you down. We’re here to tell you that you are not alone in your stupidities; there are other people too. We found a Reddit thread where people shared the dumbest things they’ve ever done, and believe us, they’re hilarious.  

1. The one with a phone

Getting Better 101 on Reddit: “Looked for my phone, while talking on my phone.”

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2. The one with the hot coffee

Teddy Paw on Reddit: “Spilled hot coffee all over myself by checking the time on my wristwatch.”

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3. The one with a ninja mask

CDC on Reddit: “I was trying to make a ninja mask with a large black piece of cloth. I was attempting to cut the eyehole out, when the knife slipped, went through the cloth, and directly into my pinky finger. I was 26.”


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  • 4. The one about a work email

    Guppy Fighter on Reddit: “I talked shit about my boss through my work email I knew that they could read on a whim. I was fired.”


    5. The one with a forgotten laptop

    Bomchickawahwah on Reddit: “At the airport – I took out my laptop from my bag to get it scanned at the security check. Forgot to get it back. I realized it when I landed.”


    6. The one with a hammer

    Neil The Pill on Reddit: “When I was like seven I tried using a hammer to smash open a tennis ball. Double handed over the head full swing sent the claws right back in my forehead.”

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    7. The one with a cheating girlfriend

    Gjallard on Reddit: “I didn’t end the relationship the first time she cheated on me.”


    8. The one with a penny down the tummy

    DWood 10 on Reddit: “I saw a magician swallow a penny and pull it out of his assistant’s ear. I tried it and had to wait 2-3 days to poop it out.”


    9. The one with super glue

    Happy Sundays on Reddit: “I super-glued my index finger to my thumb. On purpose.”

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    10. The one with a hot stove

    Scottish Warrior on Reddit: “My hands were wet, so I thought, ‘Hey I bet if I quickly put my hand over that hot stove for a second or two, they will dry’. Yeah, didn’t really work. I ended up getting third-degree burns because my hand actually stuck to the metal part.”


    11. The one with a ringing cell phone

    Anonymous on Reddit: “I had my husband’s cell phone in my handbag. I tried to call him from my cell, heard the phone ring in my bag…and answered it.”



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