11 Monsoon Hacks That’ll Help You Enjoy Your Favourite Season To The Fullest

Monsoons are cozy when you’re ‘chilling’ at home with a cup of coffee while watching it pour from your window. However, it can be very pesky if you’ve to step out when it’s pouring cats and dog and when you’re drenched.
To make life easier during monsoons, here are some easy hacks you can follow.

1. If your phone gets wet in the rains


Despite guarding your phone more than your life, the raindrops somehow end up on your phone’s screen. The rainwater can cause nuisance by entering your phone and make it stop from functioning. To get your phone back to life, clean the phone with a dry cloth and then simply place it in a can of rice. The rice would absorb moisture from the phone and your handset would surely start functioning again.

2. To avoid falling sick

healthy food house

You can fall sick quite easily during this weather. To keep your immunity intact, keep sipping a cup of lime water with honey and ginger in it.

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  • 3. To ward off flies


    Pesky flies can really irritate you. To ward them off,  cut a lemon in two and keep it on the window and put it on the door and on the windows. Cloves too can keep the flies away.

    4. To keep your closets moisture-free


    If your cupboard becomes damp due to the rainwater, then put cloves and few naphthalene balls in the closet. Your closet would get dry again.

    5. To keep your furniture dry

    countrychic paint

    Wood can easily fall prey to termites during monsoon. To keep them away, polish the furniture with un-perfumed hair oil. This will prevent the furniture from getting damp and catching termites.

    6. To dry off shoes easily


    If you’re too particular about your shoes getting dirty in rain water, then rub a wax candle on them and then step outside in the rain. You must also carry paper towels to wipe the dunk off your shoes, in case you’re in a hurry for a presentation.

    7. To dry off your clothes


    Drying off clothes is a huge problem during monsoon as the dampness in the air doesn’t dry out the clothes. You will have to put up a clothesline inside your room, preferably where there is a fan and then switch it on, on high speed and then watch them dry.

    8. Have you heard of portable socks dryer?


    You will need this.

    9. To de-frizz your hair


    Your hair could become quite frizzy during the monsoons. To de-frizz them, use a hand cream to de-frizz your hair. Take a blob of cream on your palm and just run them through your hair.

    10. To fix your face


    The rains can make your face blotchy, which can make your makeup vanish in thin-air. To avoid that, use a blotting paper to blot moisture from your face.

    11. To stop smelling as a wet dog

    american kennel club

    You cannot go for drinks post work, if you’re all wet and smell like a wet dog. To get rid of that pooch smell, spritz some vodka on your outfit as it would act as a neutraliser and would neutralise the smell.


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