11 Jobs You Never Knew Robots Have Already Taken Over

The fear that robots will soon take your jobs has more than just a grain of truth to it. Robots are already ruling the roost in many fields and before we know it, everything might just be handled by machines. The gradual integration of robots as part into the global workforce seems to be an inevitable reality.

From fully automated factories to self-driving, you name it and there’s a robot behind it all. Here are 11 jobs that robots have usurped from us humans. 

1. Call centre operators

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Have you noticed an increase in those super annoying automated calls from telemarketers and the scams hitting up your smartphone? That’s because robots are largely doing this job. Scores of  contact centres are using automated processes to direct customers to the  relevant departments or to resolve simple queries. 

2. Surgeons

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  • If you didn’t know there are robotic arms performing complicated surgeries, you’ve clearly been living under a rock. The medical industry has benefitted immensely from technology, and advanced robots are now capable of performing alongside human surgeons. In a 2016 study published in Science Translational Medicine, a Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR) stitched up a pig’s small intestines better than a human did! 

    3. Farmers

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    Robots are rapidly dominating the agricultural world and over the years, a number of equipments have been invented to reduce farm labour. But at the same time, the advancement has also been posing a threat to millions working in the field. 

    Take for instance, the Farmbot, a robot that efficiently sows and feeds the crop, as well as controls weeds. Robots are making inroads fastest in areas where there’s intense labour. 

    4. Security guards

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    Companies all over the world are starting to develop autonomous robots to perform jobs that humans are more or less tired or maybe not very efficient at. One such job is that of a security guard. Silicon Valley firm Knightscope is best known for its K5 security robot. It navigates autonomously and has a suite of sensors and cameras that relay audio and video back to a human supervisor. 

    5. Fast food worker

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    AI, robots and automation are already replacing humans in the food services industry. A Californian fast food restaurant has introduced a robot that flips and cooks burgers, replacing human workers at the grill. The robot, named Flippy, was developed by Miso Robotics. The robot can flip burgers and use built-in cameras and sensors to determine when the burger is cooked before placing the burger on a bun. 

    6.  Journalist

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    It’s 2017 and there’s simply no time to waste when it comes to reporting an incident within seconds and robots are doing a darn good job of it, at the cost of jeopardizing the jobs of thousands of journalists out there. Machines can be taught to read data, pattern match images or video, or analyze almost any kind of research material and create very readable content. 

    7. Baseball Fans

    Hanwha Eagles

    You read that right. Humans don’t even need to be fans, because robots can do that too. This strange trend started in Korea after a baseball team called desperately tried to fill up the stadium with so called ‘fans’. A group of robots that filled the empty rows, and were programmed to cheer, chant, do the wave, and everything else that a human does during an intense match. 

    8. Novelists

    the verge

    The first book written by a robot was a Russian novel called True Love and was  surprisingly a bestseller. A programmer gave a computer a plot summary, some characters, and a book to use as stylistic inspiration and let it churn out this whole story. The outcome was a masterpiece. 

    9. Food Critics

    reuters/representational image

    The robotic food critic was born in Thailand after  former prime minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra, got sick of cheap imitations of Thai food around the world. The robot apparently measures the chemical makeup of a dish, compares it to what the Thai government considers the “ideal” form of that food, and then it gives it a mathematical score. 

    10. Buddhist Monks


    Something that none of us needed, but still exists, the robot Monk, introduced by a  Japanese company called SoftBank Group Corp. Pepper a 120-centimeter-tall (3’11”) android is a less expensive alternative to human priests. And the robot is a massive hit in the country, and nearly 10,000 Peppers are out there. The robot can perform a service for any of the four major Buddhist sects.

    11. Music Composers

    Robots, it seems, haven’t left out any field, researchers at Georgia Tech created a robot called Shimon that can compose and play its own music. The creator, Mason Bretan, says that the robot has the ability to jam with a band and even improvise along with them. How cool is that!


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