11 Instances Where People Died While Trying To Click A Selfie

India has the highest number of selfie-related deaths in the world. A study conducted between March 2014 and September 2016 found that 60 percent of all “selfie deaths” – where people die while trying to click a picture of themselves – occurred in India. India still holds the dubious title of most selfie deaths in the world. 

Here are 11 instances where people lost their lives in the pursuit of the perfect selfie.

1. Teenager was crushed under a moving train

A young boy named Arbaz was run over by a train near Welcome station in northeast Delhi, while trying to click a selfie. Police suspected that since he had his earphones on, he couldn’t hear the train approaching while walking along the tracks. Read more.


2. Three students were run over by a train

Three Bengaluru college students were killed after being run over by a train in Bidadi. They were taking selfies on the railway track. The students were visiting Wonderla, an amusement park in the area at the time. Read more. 


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  • 3. Man crushed to death by an elephant

    The incident occurred in Odisha where a man was crushed to death by an elephant. He was trying to click a selfie with the already infuriated animal. The man was critically injured and succumbed to his injuries in a government hospital. Read more. 


    4. Three youths were run over by a train

    Clicking a ‘groupfie’ with a selfie stick proved fatal for three youths in West Bengal. 22-year-old Tarak Manna, who held the stick, hit a lamppost along the tracks and fell off the moving train. Four of his friends who got down at Belur station to help their fallen friend. Three were crushed by another speeding train while the fourth survived. Manna survived but his condition was said to be very critical. Read more. Read more. 


    5. Boy falls to death in a ravine

    A 22-year-old college student fell to his death in a ravine on the Dehradun-Mussoorie road while clicking a selfie. Muneer Ahmed was returning from his day-long trip from the hill station when the tragic incident happened. An operation to rescue Ahmed lasted two hours who died on the spot. Read more.


    6. Boy died after being hit by a moving train 

    22-year-old Gaurav Sahni was hit by a moving train near Dhuri in Punjab. Sahni had walked towards the railway tracks to click a selfie with a train in the background. He was hit by a moving passenger train. His account shows that he was fond of uploading his pictures on social media. Read more. 


    7. Two teens hit by a moving train

    Two Delhi teenagers were crushed under a train while posing between two railway tracks at Anand Vihar station in East Delhi. Yash Kumar and Shubham were aged only 16 and 14, respectively. The lads were so engrossed in clicking “daring selfies” with an approaching train in the background that they didn’t notice another train headed from ahead. Fearing they would get crushed under the two trains, the boys jumped onto the other track but got unfortunately, got crushed under another train. Read more. 


    8. Student gets hit by a train 

    An engineering student in Tamil Nadu died after being hit by the train he was trying to capture in a selfie. 21-year-old S. Gunasekharan was going home after New Year celebrations when the tragic accident happened. The boy was thrown 100 feet after being hit, and died instantly. Read more.


    9. Four teenagers were swept away by a tidal wave

    Four teens, who had gone on a picnic to Maharashtra’s Rajodi beach at Virar, drowned in the sea while taking a selfie. The boys, Sunil Palav (15), Rohan Jadhav (17), Sachin Vishwakarma (16) and Chetan Kalap (19) were standing in the water and holding hands when the incident occurred. Read more.


    10. Wrestler drowned in a waterfall

    A local wrestler in Uttar Pradesh fell down a waterfall while attempting to take a selfie. 24-year-old Imran had gone on a picnic to Vindham Falls in Mirzapur district, when he got too close to the edge and fell over. Read more. 


    11. National-level steeplechase runner drowned in a pool 

    Puja Kumari, a national-level steeplechase runner, was just 20 when she died while trying to take a selfie at the Sports Authority of India centre in Bhopal. The pool where she drowned had a steep slope. She lost her balance, fell over, and was rushed to the hospital where the doctors declared her dead. Read more. 


    These people became mere statistics that put India on the map for selfie deaths, or ‘killfies’. And yet, it seems that we are not willing to learn from our mistakes.


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