11 Hilarious Things That Could Legit Happen Only In India

We live in a country where everything works on jugaad, all thanks to some of the most talented (and funny) people. While we are constantly fighting the race of going from a developing country to a developed one, there are certain things in which Indians are already ahead of from rest of the world. Here are 11 things that make India what it is and these things could legit happen only in India.   

1. Getting married to a cow because why not?

2. Indian Railways – Bringing people closer!

3. No wonder autos aren’t safe for women in India…

4. Spiderman or Lord Ganesha? You decide.

5. Facebook saree FTW!

6. The kind of typos we dread!

7. Why buy a car when you can turn your ‘Esteem’ into THIS?

8. Indian newspapers are all for sex education!

9. The real Iron Man is found only in India.

10. Indian Railways winning at it again.

11. Not just Iron Man, we have Iron Maid too.  


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