11 Common Dreams We All Experience & What Do They Mean

An average human being spends six hours of his or her life dreaming. Hardly anyone has been untouched by that side of their subconscious. And since dreaming is so common, we need to know what some of the most common dreams human beings experience are, and of course, what they mean too, right? Read on and find out. We are happy to help.   

1. Continuous Falling

If you experience falling, it’s primarily categorised in two ways – one, where you are falling out of fear and two, where you are falling out of joy. The first case represents anxiety and insecurity about a situation in your life, the second case represents that you don’t fear change in your life and are willing to happily embrace it.

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2. Dying

Although, death, in its true-real is as negative as it can get, if you are experiencing it in your dreams, it actually means you subconsciously want to end something in your life: it could be a relationship, a job, or anything in your past. Experiencing death is not necessarily a nightmare. Rather, it is a dream meant to encourage a person to a fresh start.


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  • 3. Flying

    Flying is one the most common dreams people experience. It means someone or something in your life is stopping you from getting ahead in your life. There’s a force that’s not letting you move forward and is holding you back. However, if you are afraid during this dream, it means you are lacking self-confidence and have set unrealistic standards for yourself.


    4. Experiencing Paralysis

    Experiencing paralysis ranks a little lower in the common dreams list, but a lot of people do experience it often. This dream often represents that there is an overlap between the REM stage (the rapid eye movement stage that lasts around 10 minutes which usually happens after having been asleep at least 90 minutes) and the waking stage of sleep. Dreaming about paralysis means that you feel there’s a lacks control in your real life.

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    5. Chasing

    If you are being chased in your dreams, it means you are running away from something in your life, specifically something that you fear in your waking life. It also shows that you are prone to leaving things behind out of fear. This dream often make us aware of the things we are intentionally ignoring in our real life.

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    6. Teeth Falling Out

    Another common dream that people repeatedly see is their teeth falling out. As scary as that sounds, it actually means you are anxious about your physical appearance. You might have a fear of rejection and hence, you dream this. Although, another school of thought says that for women, this dream is an example of wish-fulfillment and for men, it is a desire for sexual stimulation.


    7. Monsters Or Demons

    If you are experiencing nightmares where you see monsters and demons in your dreams, it actually means that you’re looking to change different aspects of yourself – maybe your appearance, your job, your relationships etc. There are chances where you might see yourself as a demon, which basically means you need to think about what you don’t like about yourself, and change it in real life!


    8. Nudity

    Being naked in a public area, or experiencing nudity in your dreams tends to mean that you are not able find your true, real self. You are unsure about your feelings and instincts. Another dream that people often see is where they see some other person naked, which means that you are worried about exposing secrets about that person.   


    9. Finding Yourself In An Empty Room

    If you realize you are stuck finding an empty room in your dream, it basically means you’re searching for something that you are unable to find, no matter what. It could be an all new aspect of your life that you’ve been wanting to explore, or maybe even a new type of relationship setup. If you experience you are in a new room, a room you haven’t ever seen before, it means you are ready for a new beginning in your life.


    10. Being Unprepared For An Exam

    We’ve all experienced this dream, and more often than not it’s during our exam season. They are so real, that often we start believing in them. At least, 1 in every 5 people experience this dream. It actually means that we are low on confidence in life, and/or for the exam we are currently preparing for. It also reflects the inability to advance to the next stage in your life.


    11. When You See Spiders In Your Dream

    We all hate spiders, and more often than not, we refer to this dream as a nightmare. Experiencing a presence of spider around you in your dreams often mean that you feel like you’re not in control of your life. You experience exclusion by someone particular, or even a group of people in your life. It’s common to dream about spiders after you learn you’re being cheated on by a partner too.



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