11 Absurd Sex Laws From Around The World

The term ‘sex laws’ is not new to us and while different countries have different laws, it becomes difficult for us to keep track of what’s legal where. We decided to look for sex laws from around the world and came across some distinctly unique ones. While some of these make a little sense, others are just completely bizarre.

1. In Spain, having sex on the beach can put you behind the bars or/ and you might end up paying up to €75,000 as a fine.


2. It’s illegal for a man to curse during sex in Oregon, America.


3. A person can get a death sentence if they are caught masturbating in In Indonesia.


4. If a husband’s breath smells of onions, garlic or sardines, he cannot make love to his wife, in Alexandria, Minnesota.


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  • 5. It’s illegal for a woman to take off her clothes standing in front of a man’s picture in Oxford, Ohio.


    6. In Iowa, USA, it’s illegal for a man to kiss a woman in public if he has a mustache.


    7. In Lebanon, men are legally allowed to have sex with an animal, but the animal must be a female.


    8. In London, you can’t have sex on a parked motorcycle.


    9. Breasts, according to the Arizona Supreme Court don’t constitute ‘private parts’ under its state law.


    10. If a husband cheats on his wife in Hong Kong, the wife is legally allowed to kill him but only with her bare hands.


    11. You can’t have sex with lights on in Budapest, Hungary.

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